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Designing—whether for a book, brochure, blast or blog— involves numerous details. We offer a few precepts (some learned the hard way) to simplify the process:

  1. Have a clear agreement of who does what. Mapping out goals and clarifying expectations will help stave off unexpected surprises and frustration.
  2. Know your content. It doesn’t make sense to start decorating until you have a strong foundation.

Process in making a book. PDF
What goes where. PDF
The guidelines or stages are norms but not absolutes. Also, depending on the subject, the order of information may change.

A "Quick Start Guide" will help you understand some of the basics of layout and typesetting. PDF

The Inside Story, a quick look at the interior design process, uses (mostly) BTD projects as examples. We created the presentation for a guest lecture at the City University of New York. You can download it Here. Feedback and questions are welcome!

The Inside Story

A FEW FAVE (and useful) SITES
AIGA, Paul Shaw, Why You Need to Fail, Tipo Italia, Rock Paper Ink

For great examples of clear design, check out LAYOUT ESSENTIALS, published by Rockport.
It's available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, Dutch, et Français! Now in paperback, in English.
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